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The Voice Observatory / inaugural event


Das Projekt wird als Labor für die Untersuchung der Stimme und ihre informativen, performativen und sozio-politischen Dimensionen verstanden. “The Voice Observatory” vereint auf formaler Ebene Klanginstallationen, theoretische Vorträge, Podiumsdiskussionen und Performances. Diese werden mithilfe der Konzepte und Ideen der Künstler so artikuliert, dass die gesamte Veranstaltungsreihe als eine einzigartige Erfahrung wahrgenommen wird.

This project is imagined as a laboratory of investigation into phenomena related to the voice in its acoustic, informative, performative, and socio-political dimensions. The Voice Observatory brings into a common platform sound installations, theoretical presentations, panel discussions, and performances. The general aim of this project is to create a space in which old and new hypotheses, artistic works, and theoretical concepts related to the voice can enter into a productive dialogue.

February 6th, 2015

19:00 Errant Bodies Ortungen Performance Christian Kesten

20:00 Thinking in Voices Disscussion with participants and project creators – Podiumsdiskusion mit alle Teilnehmer

21:00 mother tongue Aperitivo – Aperitif Ursula Heinzelmann & Pepe Dayaw

Errant Bodies Ortungen


As a vocalist Christian Kesten has developed a repertoire of extended vocal techniques, focusing on noise and subtle nuances of timbres, working with the voice in a rather instrumental way.

______ ortungen is a fixed piece which gets its actual adaptation and its actual title according to the place of performance: errant bodies project space ortungen.

mother tongue


Ursula Heinzelmann and Pepe Dayaw tandem to create a performance conversation on the relation of palate and the construction of language. This subtle degustation previews what could happen when taste intervenes in the lives of our voices.

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin


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