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The Voice of Knowledge


Memory at the Time of the Anthropocene:
Notes on the Post-Archive

“Das Gedächtnis im Anthropozän: Notizen zum Post-Archiv.” Es geht um eine Neuorientierung des Archivbegriffs vor dem Hintergrund des sich wandelnden Gedächtnisbegriffes. Die Leitfrage meiner Überlegungen lautet: Wie sieht ein Archiv aus, dass kein Speicher ist?

The lecture concerns new perspectives on the archive before the background of an evolving understanding of memory and remembering. I focus on the question as to whether we can think the archive as anything other than a storage facility.

Sven Spieker

acousmatic-Errant Bodies-k

The Acousmatic Lectures are a series of discursive auditory experiences based on the Pythagorean acousmatic model, a mode of presentation in which the orator is hidden from the public. Acousmatic presentation encourages both orator and listeners to focus exclusively on the spoken word, its temperament, tone, and stimulus, without the visual aid of supplementary images or the body language of the speaker. For this series of lectures, all visual clues provided by the speaker’s facial and bodily expressions, which are capable of influencing the reception of the information presented, are to remain hidden. Nonetheless, the physical presence of the speaker will still be made evident through the speaker’s voice, all acoustical aspects, and their dissemination into the space surrounding him/her. In so doing, the dialectical confrontation between abstract and sensorial information is underscored.

March 6th, 2015

19:00 Memory at the Time of the Anthropocene: Notes on the Post-Archive

Acousmatic Lecture with – mit Sven Spieker – Mario Asef Acousmatic Lectures Series


Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin


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