mother tongue


Ursula Heinzelmann und Pepe Dayaw als Tandem erfühlen eine Performance, ertasten eine Unterhaltung zur Beziehung zwischen unserer Zunge und dem Entstehen unserer Sprache. Dieses subtile Erkosten nimmt Geschehnisse vorweg, die der Geschmack im Leben unserer stimmlichen Stimmen auslösen kann.  

Ursula Heinzelmann and Pepe Dayaw tandem to create a performance conversation on the relation of palate and the construction of language. This subtle degustation previews what could happen when taste intervenes in the lives of our voices.

Ursula Heinzelmann is tasting, drinking, cooking, writing – LIVING – in Berlin. In former lives she has been a professional chef, a sommelier, a restaurant owner, a cheesemonger, and right now, as a food and wine writer as well as food historian, life seems to drift ever further into the direction of art. This is from a painting by the feminist artist Judy Chicago, a poem by Adrienne Rich: “Choosing ourselves each other and this life we stream into the unfinished the unbegun the possible.”

Pepe Dayaw works as an anthropologist in search of the social. He does so through artistic means of ethnography and works with cooking dance, dinners, storytelling and other sensual rituals in order to create environments and tactics for a slow-cooked emergent democracy. He (re)learned how to cook by remembering with nostalgia how her mother and grandmothers cooked and through this discovered an alchemic practice. He (re)discovered dance through a colorful experience studying indigenous dance and music in the Philippines. His basic artistic work lies in cooking leftovers or making something with what is there. From this he derives an intuitive methodology of improvising and collaborating that he shares with others through a nomadic platform called nowhere kitchen.

Mother Togue

The Voice Observatory inaugural event 6st

21:00 mother tongue Aperitivo – Aperitif Ursula Heinzelmann & Pepe Dayaw

The Arts of Voice
Exploratorium / April 11st

20:00 Atemwende degustationDegustation
Ursula Heinzelmann & Pepe Dayaw

Errant Bodies / April 13st

20:00 mother tongue Aperitivo – Aperitif Ursula Heinzelmann & Pepe Dayaw

The Collective Voice

Finissage and lecture – Finissage und Vortrag / May 13st and 17st

22:00 mother tongue Aperitivo – Aperitif
Ursula Heinzelmann & Pepe Dayaw



Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin


Exploratorium Berlin
Mehringdamm 55
10961 Berlin



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