anechoic events


Mario Asef

Every gallery or exhibition space has a preconceived architectonic body with its own history and identity. The anechoic events emphasizes questions regarding the interaction that a given matter —living or inert— establishes with the space surrounding it. But what would happen if this matter was presented to us in the utopian instance of a spaceless situation? The Anechoic Events present exhibitions and performances in an “anechoic chamber,” a non-echoing chamber designed to completely absorb reflections of sound. The presented pieces will not be necessarily conceived specifically for this context. Once we have wrested the acoustical-architectonic body from the exhibition context, both artist and audience are made to redefine their perceptive role. If Ovid’s classical myth presented us a nymph (Echo) who has been reduced to mere acoustic phenomena, in our Anechoic Events it is the body of the echo itself that has been subtracted. Narcissus, in the shape of an artist, an artistic object or discourse, appears thus naked in front of his audience.

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